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Varaoke International Oy
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Harri Aikio
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The marketing and analytics register of Varaoke International Oy

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Sulje [x]

Paper/boardMachine Trim width 3600mm 80-210g/m2

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  • Product ID: VAK11023
  • Name: Paper/boardMachine Trim width 3600mm 80-210g/m2

Machine SOLD!

General Information

  • Double blade coated wallpaper base and liner
  • Two-ply or single-ply paper structure
  • Sym sizer exploitable for film sizing and pigmentation for both paper sides
  • Two blade coating units, second equipped with automatic profile control

      –  Built in 1984, major rebuild 2002, other rebuilds done until shutdown sep. 2016


  • Single-ply uncoated wallpaper base
  • Two-ply uncoated wallpaper base
  • Two-ply coated wallpaper base
  • Two-ply coated liner board

Technical specifications:

                         105 000 t/a, 10-17 t/h

Maximum speed                860 m/min

                        80-210 g/m2

Wire width
                          4000 mm

Trim width
                          3600 mm

Jumbo reel diameter         2500 mm

Jumbo reel weight              17t

Jumbo reel + bar weight 19t

Drive side
                          Right in paper run direction

Drive power
                       690/400 V

Machine length                  117 m


1. Stockpreparation

1.1.Fresh pulp

Chemical pulp

  • 25-100 % softwood, 0-75 % hardwood mix
  • Three double-disc refiners, Jylhävaara DD-900, (1984)

Stone groundwood

  • Two conical refiners, Sunds-Jylhä JC-03 (1998) ( not included )

Machine stock

  • Bottom ply mixing tank 50 m3 and machine tank 50 m2
  • Top ply mixing tank 60 m3 and machine tank 25 m2

1.2.  Broke

  • Five pulpers: couch pit, press, pre-calender, machine calender and winder
  • Two pressure screens in series, Tampella TL100 & TL50, (1984)
  • Double disc refiner, Jylhävaara DD-900, (1984)
  • Two defibrators, Jylhävaara Jumbofiner JJF-200-C (1984)
  • Save-all stock tank 13 m3, Broke dosing tank 17 m3

1.3.  White water

  • Disc filter, two filtrates, Celleco CDP3L3X19/20-250, (1999)
  • Filtrate tanks 13 & 9 m3
  • Circulating water tank 22 m3
  • Shower water screen, Ahlström moduscreen F1F, (1999)

2. Shortcirculation

2.1.Bottom ply, Valmet OptiFeed, 2002

  • Lobemix stock mixer, stage 1
  • Centrifugal cleaners, 4 stages, Cleanpac CLP 700
  • Lobemix stock mixer, stage 2
  • Headbox feed pump, Sulzer ZPP31-400 (2001)
  • Machine screening, 2 stages, Valmet TLA 450 H & TAP 120 V
  • Wire water tank 14 m3
  • Valvac deaerator
  • Dilution circulation with screen, TAP 120 V

2.2 Top ply

  • Headbox feed pump, Sulzer ZPP31-400 (2002)
  • Centrifugal cleaners, 4 stages, Celleco Cleanpac CLP 350
  • Machine screening, 2 stages, Valmet TL300 (2014) & TAP 120 V (2002)
  • Wire pit, 28 m3

3.Head boxes

3.1.Bottom ply

  • Hydraulic Valmet OptiFlo, 2002
  • Smart D dilution profiling
  • Jet width 3840 mm
  • Design speed 900 m/min
  • Flow rate 102-205 l/s/m (393-786 l/s)
  • Consistency 0,5-0,85 %

3.2 Top ply

  • Hydraulic Valmet OptiFlo Smart, 2002
  • Jet width 3840 mm
  • Design speed 900 m/min
  • Flow rate 68-136 l/s/m (262-524 l/s)
  • Consistency 0,6 %

4. Wire section

4.1 Bottom ply

  • Valmet hybrid former with Valmet SymFormer MB-former, rebuild 2002
  • Forming table, 2 foil boxes, 4 suction foil boxes, 1 forming shoe, 1 loadingtable, 4 hivac suction boxes, 1 entering box, 2 transfer suction boxes, 2 flatsuction boxes
  • MB-former with 3 suction chambers

4.2 Top ply

  • Valmet hybrid former, rebuild 2002
  • Lower wire, forming table, 3 suction boxes, foil shoe
  • Top wire, 2-chamber flat suction box with foils

5. Press section

  • Valmet modified SymPress II 3-nip with separate 4th press, 1984
  • Center roll Valrok-C ceramic coated, 2002
  • Valmet PressRun runnability system (2006)

6. Vacuum system

  • Ahsltrom Nash, CL-4001 5 pcs (1984), CL-3002 3 pcs (1986,1976)

7. Drying section

7.1 Steam groups 1-4

  • 31 drying cylinders, 3 drive groups, Valmet (1984, rebuild in 2002 and 2006)
  • 1st group slalom wire, 2nd and 3rd group two wires
  • Closed hood
  • Valmet UnoRun runnability system (2006)

7.2 Steam groups 5-7 (on coating section)

  • 3 groups of 2 cylinders, Valmet (1984 rebuild in 2002)
  • Following film sizer and both coating units
  • Wires on upper cylinders

8. Pre-calender

  • Sym roll, water heated thermo roll Valmet (1992)
  • Profiling Impact Thermajet (1994)

9. Film sizer

  • Valmet OptiSizer size press, 2002
  • Both sides applicable for surface sizing and pigment coating (can be ran only other side at a time or one side with one solution and other side with another)
  • Valmet OptiDose machine circulations with pressure screening, 2002
  • Valmet TurnDry contactless air dryer, 2002
  • Valmet Electric IR dryer with moisture profiling, 2002

10. Coating units 1&2

  • Two Valmet AutoBlade roll application blade coating units, 2002
  • Valmet automatic coat weight profiling on 2nd coating unit, 2014
  • Valmet machine circulations with pressure screening, 2002
  • Valmet natural gas IR dryers, 2002
  • Two gas heated air dryers, Valmet rebuild 2002

11. Machine calender

  • Hard nip calender, Ahlström (1981), rebuild 1993
  • Valmet IQ-profiler for CD-thickness control, (2006)

12. Reeler

  • Pope reeler, Valmet (1992)

13. Tail threading

  • Drying section with two ropes
  • Coating section with Foil Force and three ropes
  • Foil Force before pre-calender and before both coating units

14. Steam and condensate  systems

  • 5 bar, 175 °C steam distribution for drying.
  • Dimensioning capacity based for production 81 g/m2 @ 802 m/min and 120g/m2 @ 657 m/min

15. Air systems

  • AHR -heat exchanger (air-glycol), TM systems (2003)
  • LTO 1 & 2 -heat recovery towers (air-air), Valmet Pansio (1991)

16. Natural gas system

  • Gas distribution system
  • Gas burners for film sizer turn-dry and coating units’ IRs and air dryers

17. Hydraulics and lubrication system

  • 9 hydraulics units for machine sections
  • Two circulating oil lubrication systems for wet end and dry end
  • Central grease lubrication system

18. Drives

  • On wire section 9 DC drives Siemens Simoreg (2002)
  • Other drives Siemens Simoveret AC drives (2002)
  • Voltage 400/690 V
  • Transformer purposed for drives included in the scope

19. Control systems

  • DCS software included in the scope, DCS hardware excluded
  • QCS system includes four traversing online measurement frames and is included in the scope except where connected to other mill processes

20. others

20.1 Online analyzer

  • Valmet Automation Kajaani RMi (2000)
  • Pulp Expert stock analyzer


20.2 Web break control system

  • Honeywell Proweb (2008)
  • Metso Paper Pocketeye (2006) in drying section

20.3 Fault detection system

  • ABB Ulma industrial Web imaging system (2003)

21. Reel winder

  • Wärtsilä KL500 (1984)
  • Control system Siemens S7 (2011)
  • Siemens DC drives


Equipment related to mill infrastructure (heating, air conditioning, electrification, lighting, pressurised air and mill execution systems) are not included in the scope
Cranes are not included in the scope, but can be used during demolition

Full documentation, documentation available as is
Detailed scope definition will be done later on










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