Varaoke International Oy

A register description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)

1. Register holder
Varaoke International Oy
Business ID: 0925191-4
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112
Tel: +358 10 292 2090

2. Contact person in matters relating to the register
Harri Aikio
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112

3. Register name
The marketing and analytics register of Varaoke International Oy

4. The purpose of handling personal data
The purpose of the register is to take care of the customer relationship between the register holder and the customer, as well as marketing and communications. The management of the register and the handling of the data can be outsourced to the co-operative partner of the register holder, who has committed to complying with this register description.

5. The data content of the register
The register may contain the following information about the customer:
– Name
– Telephone number
– Address
– E-mail address
– The name and business ID of the organisation
– Contact log

6. Data sources in compliance with the regulations
The register is compiled from the register holder’s customer information system and the visitor tracking tool on the site, publicly available Internet sources and other public sources, both free and payable ones.

7. Passing on of data in compliance with the regulations
The register holder will not pass on the data to outside parties except for the co-operative partner of the register holder mentioned in point 4, unless actions by the Finnish authorities require it to do so.

8. Transferral of data outside the EU or EEA
As a rule, personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

9. The principles of the protection of the register
Personal data is kept confidential. The data network and equipment of the register holder and its possible data technology partners, where the register is located, are protected with a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

10. Cookies
Cookies may be used on the pages of the register holder to improve the user experience. A cookie is a text file which is saved on the user’s computer when they visit the web page. It contains information and it is used, amongst other things, to develop marketing and the site. Cookies do not establish the identity of the user. The user can delete cookies from use with the browser settings. The register holder does not guarantee that the site will work correctly after cookies have been deleted.

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Paper Mill: Paper Machine Fourdnier 2600mm, 140-200 tpd, 50 – 300 g/m² Corrugated base paper, fluting, 500-700m/min + Rewinder + Steam Generation and Processing

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  • Product ID: VAK10448
  • Name: Paper Mill: Paper Machine Fourdnier 2600mm, 140-200 tpd, 50 – 300 g/m² Corrugated base paper, fluting, 500-700m/min + Rewinder + Steam Generation and Processing
Technical specifications of the papermachine

Manufacturer : Over Meccanica Installation : 1986 Year of rebuilds: 1990 / 2001 / 2004 / 2006 /2008

New 3 stage cascade pressure screens
New quality control system (QCS) New cleaner for pulper New traversing felt high pressure cleaner Rebuild size press to film press (Wolff) New headbox (PAMA) New combisorter New suction roll and breast- and wire drive roll for fourdrinier New wire rolls with new guide and tension regulation New felt rolls in the drying section with tension regulation and osc. blades Extension of the post drying section by two cylinders New dewatering elements New drives (single drive system) New hood with heat recovery and pocket ventilation New rope tension New beam, rolls, tensions, controls in the press section, ceramic uhle box New DC converters, controllers for rewinder and turn-up system pope reel 1.1 MACHINE DATA Working width Headbox : 2800 mm Normal trimmed width : 2600 mm Design speed : 700 m/min Max. operating speed : 540 m/min
Basis weight range : 50 - 300 gsm

Main paper grades produced : fluting, corrugated
medium, fine paper Specialty products produced: blue packing paper for fruit, masking paper, lining paper, crepe paper, incombustible paper.
Drive side : Machine has a left hand drive when looking in the direction of paper flow.
Specific water consumption : approx. 1 m³/t

Specific steam consumption : approx. 1.5 t steam/t
of paper

Specific electric consumption : approx 420 kW/h
of 1t paper Main electrical data for motors : 400Volt, 50 Hz

1.2 Stock Preparation (rebuild 2006 and 2008)

Process control system by ANDRITZ with Software ”Wonderware” and Siemens S7 control system.

Pulper, VOITH, AP 20 with reject gate with Consistency measurement Type

MEK 2000, Year 2007, BTG, Year 1972; motor 160 kW / 400 Volt

Reject Pump with reject trap, Year 1995

Screening drum, CPM , Year 1995, drum diameter 1000mm x 2000mm

Detrasher, LAMORT, Type Poire, Year 2001

High consistency cleaner, ANDRITZ-FIEDLER, Type MC3200

Year 2001, rebuilt 2008 with high consistent ceramic cleaner

Turboseparator, VOITH, Type ATS 21, motor 160 kW/400 Volt

Combisorter, VOITH, Typ CSM, Year 2006, motor 75 kW/ 400 Volt

Spare parts: 1 basket (2 share)

High consistency cleaner, LOHSE, Year 2006, in ceramic

Primary screen, ANDRITZ, Type F3, basket with slots 0,35 mm

Year 2001, including pump system and chest 8 cubic meters in stainless steel

Spare parts: 1 basket and seal

Secondary screen, ANDRITZ, Type F2, basket with slots 0,35 mm

Year 2001, including pump system and chest 4 cubic meters in stainless steel

Spare parts: 1 seal

Tertiary screen 3, ANDRITZ, Type F1, basket with slots 0,25 mm

Year 2001, including pump system

Spare parts: 1 basket and seal

Low consistency stage cleaner plant, ANDRITZ, Year 2001

1.3 Approach Flow System

Machine chest 25 cubic meters

Fan pump No. 1, frequency-controlled, Year 2006, ANDRITZ

7 Cleaner, in two cascades

Fan pump No. 2 frequency-controlled, Year 2006, ANDRITZ

Screen, LAMORT, Type SP800, basket with 2 mm holes

Year 2006, spare parts: 1 basket and 1 rotor

Consistency (density) measurement Type MEK 2300, Year 2007, BTG

1.4 Headbox ( new 2006)

Manufactured by PAMA, hydraulic high turbulence head box
with 4 row diffuser block. BTF-Octopus with manual regulation of the CD profile by dilution water.

Pond width: 2800 mm

1.5 Wire Section (rebuild 2006 and 2008)

Wire length: 31 metres

Wire width: 2900 mm

Breast roll 507mm diameter
3000mm face length
rubber covered

Forming Board in ceramic

6 foil boxes

3 foil boxes including separate fan 1'472 m3/h,
year 2006

2 dry suction boxes with hard plastic cover, year 2006

2 dry suction boxes with ceramic cover, year 2006

Suction couch roll, PAMA , 810 mm diameter, 3180 mm face length, year 2006

Forward drive roll , PAMA 550 mm diameter, year 2006

Wire guide and wire stretch rolls 3000mm face length,
rubber covered, year 2006

High pressure showers, Stamm Heinrich , year 2006

Steambox ,Langbein& Engelbracht, year 2006

Wire stretcher, Erhard & Leimer, year 2006

1.6 Press section (rebuild 2008)

Pick-up roll, 960 mm diameter, PU covered with 3 suction zones, grooved and blind drilled, 2900 mm faces length

Counter press roll is a central press roll, 1005 mm
diameter; 2900 mm face length, green granite cover

First Nip Press roll, 570 mm diameter, 2900 mm faces length,
PU covered and drilled. Nip pressure Nip: 60 kN / m (fist Press roll to Pick up roll)

2nd Nip pressure Nip: 60 kN/m (Pick up roll to Counter Roll)

3rd Nip Press roll, 570 mm diameter, 2900 mm faces length,
PU covered and drilled.

Nip pressure at 3rd Nip: 120 kN/m (3rd Press roll to Central roll )

1.7 Dryer Section (rebuild 2006)

28 Pre-drying cylinders, 1’500 mm diameter 2900 mm face length,

First group slalom 8 cylinders, at cylinder No. 6 is a sticky roll

Second group with upper and lower wire 6 cylinder

Third group with upper and lower wire 6 cylinder

Fourth group with upper and lower wire 8 cylinder

12 Post drying cylinders, 1500 mm diameter x 2900 mm face length,

Fifth group with upper and lower wire 4 cylinders including 2 chrome coated

Sixth group with upper and lower wire 8 cylinders

The complete Dryer Section has :

Electric tensions and pneumatic regulations by Erhard und Leimer

Partially cylinders have oscillating blades (new 2006)

All cylinders are designed for an operating steam pressure of 5 bar

All cylinders have Type Johnson steam heads and rotating syphons.

Wire rolls, regulation, tension, PAMA Year 2006

Rope rolls and pneumatic tension,PAMA Year 2006

1.8 Size Press (Film Press)

Horizontal size press with vertical paper feed manufactured by Wolff to single film press

Both rolls have 540 mm diameter and 2800 mm face length

Linear pressure: 40 kN

Starch addition 3 gsm at max.10 % consistency

The starch processing plant was manufactured by CELLIER.

The Pope reel has a pneumatic control system. Reel drum,
800 mm diameter and is equipped with IBS RC 230Turn-up system, Year 2007

Max. wind diameter for pope reel is 2000 mm. For operational
reasons, max. rewind diameter is 1800 mm

1.10 Drive

1.10.1 Mechanical drive: (New 2006)

Wire and press sections with PIV gearboxes, cardan shafts

Dryer section with open gear drive, drive via cylinders

1.10.2 Electrical drive: ( New 2006 )

All the motors and inverter drive (AC 400 Volt) are designed for a speed of 700 m/min was supplied by Kühne & Vogel. Type Siemens S7 with control panels.

1.11 Vacuum System

No.1 Vacuum Pump, SAFEM Type AL 20-22 ,No.1793; motor 90kW (new 2006)

No.2 Vacuum Pump, AZWEG Type POMPA A65, motor 90 kW

No.3 Vacuum Pump, AZWEG Type POMPA A65, motor 90 kW

No.4 Vacuum Pump, AZWEG Type POMPA A65, motor 90 kW

No.5 Vacuum Pump, AZWEG Type POMPA A100, motor 200 kW

1.12 Steam and Condensate System

Cascade type, flow sheet for this system is available

4 cascade system with moisture control in machine direction

Rotating Siphon in all cylinders

1.13 Hood and Ventilation System (new 2006)

Completely enclosed hood was supplied by LANGBEIN
& ENGELBRACHT, Germany with heat recovery system, heat exchangers, fans, pocket ventilation. The doors have an electrical opening system. Stabilisation system in slalom group.

Dew point 62°C, Dew point regulation ,air temperature 110°C

1.14 Process Control System

QCS Scanner, Manufacturer PROTAGON (MEASUREX), year 2001

Measurement of basis weight and moisture in machine
and cross-direction, with Regulation in machine direction.

1.15 Water Treatment

Krofta, 250m³/h SPC 24 ,diameter 7’200 mm 2 Rewinder APROCART (rebuild 2008)


Manufacturer : Aprocart

Year built : 1992

Rebuilds : 2001, 2008

Working Width : 2600 mm

Speed : 2000 m/min

Max rewind diameter : 1830 mm

Max. unwind diameter : 2000

Basis weight range : 400-300 gsm

Main electrical data : 400 V, 50 Hz

Consists of:

Reel spool back stand with 3 fold pneumatic braking shoes on drum.

No. of slitting knives: 3 pairs and 9 pairs of spare parts.

Two single motor DC drive, motors 85kW

Warp control system Siemens S7 with touch panel.

3 Steam Generation and Processing

3.1 Steam Production Boiler

Manufacturer : Storck

Product type : 2 flash tubes and
3 deduction tubes

Including ECO and Superheater

Permissible operating overpressure : 22 bar

Steam power : 20 to/h

Permissible forward steam temperature : 300°C

Heat output : 18,4 MW

Fuel : OIL / GAS

Manufacturer of the burner : Storck

3.2 Steam Processing

Steam motor, Spilling, 6-Cyl., 1MW, 22-3 bar, No. 3225

Manufacturer : Spilling

Product type : 6 cylinders

IN Steam pressure : 21 bar

OUT Steam pressure : 3 bar

Generator power : 1MW

Max power : 900 kW

Normal power : 680 kW

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