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Varaoke International Oy
Business ID: 0925191-4
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112
Tel: +358 10 292 2090

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Harri Aikio
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112

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The marketing and analytics register of Varaoke International Oy

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The purpose of the register is to take care of the customer relationship between the register holder and the customer, as well as marketing and communications. The management of the register and the handling of the data can be outsourced to the co-operative partner of the register holder, who has committed to complying with this register description.

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Tampella 2800mm Board Machine,150-250 gsm, 170-240 tpd

This product is not available at the moment. Please contact our customer service for more info.


Board machine, operating width 2800mm, original year of manufacture: 1957 Tampella manufacture with rebuilds in 2007. Speed minimum 160 m/min and maximum 350 m/min (normal 180 to 320 m/min) Grammage 150 to 250 gsm.
Production capacity of 170 to 240 t/day (width of 2800 mm).

Rebuild of wet end press section calendar and reel up in 1973. Major modifications/new equipment: new hot press UMV 1988, 5 new pressure formers UMV in 1992 and 1994, modification of suction couch press RMG manufacture 1999, new sectional electric drive by Metso, Vacon, Honeywell in 2000, new forming section with 4 wireformers, manufacturer Markina, in 2006 and modification of first press by Metso in 2009.

The machine is a basement machine with a left hand drive. The drive has been upgraded to a sectional electric drive. The product is Plasterboard liner. Mill voltage is 380 volts, 3ph and 50 cycles.

Soleplate centres are:

* Wet end 3790mm
* First press to size press 3500mm
* Size press to last dryer 3300mm
* The machine has three pulp systems, one of which takes Tetra Pak.

Stock Preparation

Voith line with l/c pulper, waste paper conveyor inclined to a Voith pulper with standard rotor. Pulper rejects via an Esher Wyess Fiberiser. Pulp cleaned by 2 Voith HD cleaners model S2 with pneumatic timed reject valves. Two Hett separators models SP700 and SP 1000. The SP units have V belt drives. Production is 120 t/day.

Tampella line with l/c pulper fed from a waste paper inclined conveyor. One Voith HD cleaner S2 with pneumatic timed valves. Stock cleaned by two Hett SP 700 separators with V belt drives. Production is 120 t/day.

Rejects are screw fed to a hopper for collection by truck.

Rejects pulper

Cellwood pulper for rejects with side entry agitator. New rotor fitted 2005. Pulper tub Beloit Shark design.

Pulp passes through a Voith HD cleaner S2 and pulp then passes over a DSM screen. Production 2 t/hr.

In same area is a foundation for a JCOO refiner which is currently located in the workshop.

Black Clawson pulper with bottom rotor 42”and also a top B rotor, consistency 15 to 18%. Reject to a stainless steel Valmet Trommel year 1997. Production 150 t/day.

* Stainless fine screening chest with a side entry agitator.
* Stainless steel HD type cleaner for cleaning white water.
* Voith HD S2 cleaner with pneumatic dump valves.

Screening system

* Valmet coarse screen model 100 with 2.4 mm holes.
* Valmet coarse screen secondary model DA50 with 2.4mm holes.
* Valmet fine screen model DA200 with 0.25mm slotted basket.
* Valmet secondary screen model DAS 50 with 0.25mm slots.
* Valmet fractionator model BAF with 0.11mm slots.
* Rejects tank stainless.
* Two sand filters for seal water for pump mechanical seals.
* Four stainless inclined Sidehill screens for pulp thickening and fractionating. Slot size is 0.5mm.
* Hot water stainless tank for pulper water.

Dispersion system 1

* Krima dispersion system for production of 150 t/day with two pre thickening inclined presses.
* One screw press horizontal.
* Heated screw press.
* Feed screw feeder.
* Krima 710 Dispersor unit, year of manufacture 1989.

Dispersion system 2

* Krima dispersion system for production of 60 t/day. One pre thickening inclined press.
* One screw press horizontal.
* Heated screw press.
* Feed screw feeder.
* Krima 710 Dispersor unit, year of manufacture 1985.
* Esher Wyess reject sorter with a screw press thickening of the rejects.


* One Pilao Tridisc model 24”.
* Bedplate for trial JCO-3 to be returned to Metso as it was unused.

Pressure screens for formers

Four BCI Tampella model 24P pressure screens, C.I. bodies and converted to V.Belt drives. Two blade rotors.

Baskets are 0.25mm and with four blade rotors.

Total of six Nash CL 3002 vacuum pumps. One unit is a copy by Katachi Indian manufacturer. One spare Nash CL 3002 pump beside the roll store.

Stock chests are concrete manufacture and most stock pumps are Egger manufacture.

Rejects screen

Black Clawson 12 PB pressure screen with holes 1.5mm not in use.

Vibrating screen for top wire rejectsG. L. & V. disc filter with 14 discs.

Stainless steel vat with a pneumatic lifting front cover (used for fibre thickening).

Stainless steel stock chest.

Board machine

Four formers, year 2007 manufacture in stainless steel. Markinaa manufacture, stainless wire covers former roll, Tampella suction roll on top felt board return.

* First press suction press with pneumatic loading.
* Tampella under machine pulper. Edge trimmer.
* Second press suction bottom roll pneumatic loaded.
* Double nip high load press by G. L. & V with hydraulic loading.
* Tail feeding by Metso air feed, also sheathan rope feed.

First dryer section with oscillating doctors. Manual felt tensioning, auto felt guides, a/f bearing with central lub system, dryers with fixed siphons, open type hood with front sliding doors. Dryers are in six sections: drives are sectional electric drives, open C.I. gear wheels, total of 42 dryers operating at 4.5 bar steam pressure, diameter 1500mm. The dryers have three felt tension indicators in the system. Before last cylinder section of 12 dryers (four cooling cylinders after the size press) is a size press by UMV.

At the dryers, before the size press and prior to entering the size press, the sheet is measured for moisture by a Measurex cross machine scanner.

After the last 12 dryers is a two roll calender and a Measurex 2002 cross machine scanner measuring profile, gsm, moisture, thickness and temperature.

Unit for feeding tapes into sheet for reel changes. Drum reel up for 2000 mm diameter finished rolls.

Machine has a total of 21 ABB sectional electric drives and gearboxes.

Machine house cranes: one over the wet end, one over the dryers and one double unit 4 ton at the horizontal reel up.

The machine laboratory has an all-in-one paper testing lab.


Jagenberg Vari-Dur width 2800mm, rewind diameter 2100mm, unwind for the machine tambours, three water cooled drum brakes, side engaging chuck into reel sheels for braking and tension control. Brakes and rewinder drives are on r/hand of the rewinder. Tension control, 5 top slitters with manual adjustment. Bottom knife pneumatic loaded, rewinder has new drive fitted: two motors 132 kw each driving two drums. Rewind is shaftless.

Salvage rewinder

Jagenberg Vari-Dur rewinder 2100mm width .This machine is slitting coils for core board down to 48mm widths: 17 slitters fitted, shaftless floor pick up stands with lateral movement and hydraulic roll lift table, Wichata water cooled disc brakes, drive l/hand from rear of the machine, tension control, roll diameter 1500mm, shaft rewind with various sized shafts. Drive is DC 62 kw.

Manual operated core cutter

Roll wrapper

Buma roll wrapper, paper wrap with one roll magazine for wrap rolls. Roll diameter 2100mm maximum, floor ground conveyor from machine in house crane to roll turner and roll wrap.

Final sludge treatment

Meri Elephant screen for pre thickening, secondary thickening by a Thune/Voith SP 23 screw press in stainless steel. Thickened sludge approx 40% BD transferred by screw conveyor to outside skip.

Reject screen OTM

In store is an Octopus across machine profiler.
Almost new de-wiring unit for paper/pulp bales and designed for a production of 150 t/day.

General Items

In the building beside settlement tanks a Hydra step screen for final removal of solids approx 0.5 mm width. Final water treatment is by settlement in an open ground tank. Mill has a large area in the tank so natural settlement occurs without the use of polymers and the tank has a long retention time before water then flows to the local sewage treatment plant.

* Mill general stores.
* Mill engineering shop with shaper, lathe and bandsaw.
* Electrical stores.

B&W Boiler using wood and plastic waste material on site. Rated at 14 MW at 13.8 MJ/kg

Pressure 16 bars at 201 deg C, steam production 22 t/hour, year 2007.

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