Varaoke International Oy

A register description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)

1. Register holder
Varaoke International Oy
Business ID: 0925191-4
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112
Tel: +358 10 292 2090

2. Contact person in matters relating to the register
Harri Aikio
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112

3. Register name
The marketing and analytics register of Varaoke International Oy

4. The purpose of handling personal data
The purpose of the register is to take care of the customer relationship between the register holder and the customer, as well as marketing and communications. The management of the register and the handling of the data can be outsourced to the co-operative partner of the register holder, who has committed to complying with this register description.

5. The data content of the register
The register may contain the following information about the customer:
– Name
– Telephone number
– Address
– E-mail address
– The name and business ID of the organisation
– Contact log

6. Data sources in compliance with the regulations
The register is compiled from the register holder’s customer information system and the visitor tracking tool on the site, publicly available Internet sources and other public sources, both free and payable ones.

7. Passing on of data in compliance with the regulations
The register holder will not pass on the data to outside parties except for the co-operative partner of the register holder mentioned in point 4, unless actions by the Finnish authorities require it to do so.

8. Transferral of data outside the EU or EEA
As a rule, personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

9. The principles of the protection of the register
Personal data is kept confidential. The data network and equipment of the register holder and its possible data technology partners, where the register is located, are protected with a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

10. Cookies
Cookies may be used on the pages of the register holder to improve the user experience. A cookie is a text file which is saved on the user’s computer when they visit the web page. It contains information and it is used, amongst other things, to develop marketing and the site. Cookies do not establish the identity of the user. The user can delete cookies from use with the browser settings. The register holder does not guarantee that the site will work correctly after cookies have been deleted.

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Two Ply Fourdrinier Liner/Fluting Board Machine 1870mm for 100-225gsm by Escher Wyss, 75 tpd

This product is not available at the moment. Please contact our customer service for more info.

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  • Product ID: VAK10474
  • Name: Two Ply Fourdrinier Liner/Fluting Board Machine 1870mm for 100-225gsm by Escher Wyss, 75 tpd
Built in 1983 (Rebuild in 1992)
Capacity 25000 Ton/annum (75tpd
Paper & Board grades Kraft Liner, Test Liner White Lined Chipboard, Fluting, Wrinting Paper
Grammage range 90 - 225 gsm
Maximum Speed 250 m/min
Trim at pope 1870 mm
HEAD BOXES Step Diffuser type
Back Layer Top Layer
Qmin= 3255lit/m Qmin= 2100lit/m
Qmax= 7413lit/m Qmax= 4368lit/m
Cons. range of 0.6-1.0% Cons. range of 0.4-0.65%
Fan Pumps
Back Layer Top Layer
11000 L/m 6500 L/m Wire Section Fourdinier
Back layer Top layer
Width 2.20m Width 2.25m Length 31.15 m Length 14.10 m
Dewatering Elements
* Ceramic
High Pressure Screens
* Lemort SP 600,Dia 2.2mm
Vib Screens (2mm Hole Dia) T/L Lamort Vibrolam-1 & B/L Herman Finch with 3T/D & 6T/D
Capacities respectively Press Part
Two Nip Combi press, LNP and Offset press
Combi Press (Suction-Pickup & 2 Nos. Nips)

1st Nip 2nd Nip
70 kN/m 90 kN/m

Intensa Press(LNP) :200 kN/m

Smoother Press :Top-Nipco Roll
Bottom-Plain Roll :60 kN/m Dryer Part Pre Drying :17 cylinders
Yankee :Present
Intermediate Drying :7 Cylinders
Size Press :Present
After Dryer :10 Cylinders Max 5 Bar
Calander :2 Rolls (Bottom Roll
Nipco) Reeler :Trim 1870mm
Drives :DC
QCS :Accuray 1180
Exhaust System Capacities

Pre Dryer
Exhaust Air Rate :50000 m3/hr
Power :11.0 Kw

After Dryer
Exhaust Air Rate :27000 m3/hr
Power :5.5 Kw

Heat Exchanger
Dimensions :3*2*2
No of Tubes :3592
Heat Exchanger Rate :334000 KCal/hr
Heating Surface :168m2

Couch Roll Bell E-14 Type 40m3/min at 4.5mWC
Combi Pickup Bell E-10 Type 15m3/min at 3.5mWC
Combi Press Bell E-15 Type 90m3/min at 3.5mWC
Suction Boxes B/L Bell E-12 Type 26m3/min at 3.5mWC
Suction Boxes T/L Bell E-10 Type 15m3/min at 3.5mWC
Combi Top Felt Bell E-14 Type 40m3/min at 4.5mWC
Combi Bottom Felt Bell E-15 Type 40m3/min at 4.5mWC
Intensa Felts Siemens 90m3/min at 4.5mWC
Wire top Huyck 14.10x2.25m 4
Wire bottom Wangner 31.15x2.20m 3
Combi press top felt Nippom 16.30x2.20m 1
Combi press bottom felt Nippon 12.30x2.20m 1
Intensa press top felt Nippon 14.10x2.10m 1
Intensa press bottom felt Nippon 15.80x2.10m 1
Predrying ist top Huyck 31.70x2.20m 1
Predrying ist bottom DAEHAN 37.80x2.20m 2
Predrying Iind top Huyck 26.70x2.20m 1
Predrying Iind bottom HEIMBACH 37.80x2.20m 2
Yankee glazing felt HEIMBACH/ Wallbergs 12.25x2.20m 3
MG drying screen
21.00x2.20m nil
Intermediate drying top HEIMBACH 26.55x2.20m 2
Intermediate drying bottom HEIMBACH 36.20x2.20m 2
Post drying top DAEHAN 33.85x2.20m 2
Post drying bottom DAEHAN 33.00x1.95m 2
Hydrofoil bar D-1443 27x65x2350 18
Hydrofoil bar D-1442 32x42x2300 35
Hydrofoil bar D-1447 27x50x2300 36
Cover 40x632x2300 4
Forming board D144 27x140x2300 2
Hydrofoil bar D 1615 56
Hydrofoil sealing bar D 1616 30

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