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Varaoke International Oy
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Harri Aikio
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The marketing and analytics register of Varaoke International Oy

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Valmet Sack Kraft Machine 4650mm

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  • Product ID: VAK10779
  • Name: Valmet Sack Kraft Machine 4650mm

Valmet Sack Kraft Machine

Manufacturer: KMW, Valmet
Size: 4650 mm Trim
Year made: 1961

Design 500 mpm

Working, max 450 mpm


1964 Fan Dryers (Fläkt)

1966 HC Beating of the pulp


150-200 tpd

Min. design flow= 30.000 l/min

Max. design flow= 78.000 l/min (It has been run 100.000 l/minmore or less regularly).

Max flow FanPump= 125.000 l/min.


PM Dimensions:l x w x h; 100 x 8 x 12 m.

Consumptions (production/h, speed range/typical, steam/h in case 70/80/90 gsm).

Production: 6 - 8 ton/h

Speed: 300 - 380 mpm

Steam:15 - 18 ton/h

Basis Weight:70 - 170 gsm white & brown sack kraft paper.

Wire Part:

- 5 suction boxes with Ticote covers

- Step foil unit

- 3 x Huyck VF-units

- 1 x Huyck HF-unit

- 2 x Step foil units

- 2 x Step foil units

- 1 x Huyck VF-unit

- 1 x Huyck VF-unit

- Forming unit for plastic blade.


- KMW - Valmet

- Adjustable lip opening during production

- 0,15 - 0,20% consistency

- 5180 mm slice width

- 3 pcs. of rectifier rolls

- Dimensions of these rolls:1=328mm, 2=587mm, 3=450mm

Dryer Part:

- 1st & 2nd Drying Group made by Walmsley

- 3rd to 5th made by KMW

- Flakt dryer.

Press Part: Two presses


- Jagenberg

- T25 model

- Year made 1969

- Max speed 1200 mpm

- 7 pcs. of top slitter knives, Tidland type, model C

- Rewind dia max 1500 mm

- Unwind dia max 2500 mm.

Additional data

Fan Pump: Scanpump AB Model: Z22-808


- 4 stages

- 1:st=250, 2:nd=75, 3:rd=12, 4:th=4

- Noss Radiklone AM 80 B

Grammage Valve: Yes

Fiber recovery and white water circuit: Disc filter, Hedemora type.

Forming wire

Manufacturer: Valmet
Year: 1961
Wire width: 5400mm

Suction Roll:

Material: Acidproof steel Diameter: 1016mm Face width: 5410mm
Roll-Out table or cantilever: Roll-Out type.
Breast roll Diameter: 711 mm Face width: 5309 mm
Wire turning roll Diameter: 740 mm Face width: 5469 mm
No. of tensioning: One auto and one manual
No. of guiding: 6

Paper guiding to press section by



Press section

Manufacturer: KMW
Year: 1964
No. of nips: 2
First Press: Vacuum, grooved, drilled Pressure load: 80 kN/m Top roll: Diam. 774 mm Material: Microrock and Vulkabonite Face width: 5400 mm Bottom roll: Diam. 965 mm Face width: 5486 mm
Second Press Vacuum, grooved, drilled Pressure load: 80 kN/m Top roll: Diam. 863 mm Material: Microrock Face width: 5400 mm Bottom roll: Diam. 965 mm Face width: 5258 mm
Felts 1st press = 16m; 2nd press = 16m
Pressure mechanism in press section Hydraulic: 1st press Pneumatic: 2nd press

Dryer section

No. of dryers: 30 pcs
Diam.: 1500mm
Face length: 5100 mm
Working Pressure: 1, 2, 4, and 5 group=4,0 bar, 3 group=4,5 bar with steam ejector
Rated pressure: 4,9 bar
Year of manufacture: 1961
How many sections: 5
No. of dryers per section: 1=2-9, 2=10-15, 3=16-20, 4=21-25, 5=26-30
No. of felt dryers: 6
Steam and condensate entry and evacuation on drive side: Yes
System for the tensioning and guiding of felts: Manual, you add weights
Rope throat on every dryer: Yes
Type of throat: Outside
Siphons: Fixed

Pope reeler

Diam.: 914mm
Face: 5400mm
No. of mandrels for mother rolls: 3
Transfer done from Pope Reel to Winder: By crane


Manufacturer: Jagenberg
Year: 1961
Width: 4800mm

Max. diam. of the

finished reel:

Unwinding brake: Yes, brake generator
Cutting system: Tidland mod C
Positioning of slitters: Manual
No. of slitters: 7, (13)
Min. and max. cutting width: 410mm

Any Mount Hope roll before or

after cut:

Spreader bar
Winding: Without shaft
Main winding drive: One motor, 383 kW, Gearbox drive, 110kW
Web tension control: No
Is there a lowering table: Yes
Trimmings suction: Yes
Hydraulic unit: Yes


- 2 motors and H-shaft

- Shaft-“piv”gear-sliding clutch-gear

- Magnetic gears are Valmet

Hood and aerothermic installation

- Closed Hood: In group 1, 2 and 3. Group 4, 5 there is only a halfclosed hood

- Lifting gates on operating side and sliding gates on drive side

- Type of gate lifters: Wirelifters

- No. of air insufflators

and extractors: T4.83646

Steam and condensate

- Diagram describing the complete steam and condensate system: T4.32605


- No. of pumps: 7

- Manufacturer: Nash

- Type:CL-3002(3), CL-4002(4). 4002 for suction and press, and 3002 for wire section - - -- Regulation system: Manual

Broke recovery system

At suction roll and at pope in the dryend.

Heat recovery system

Including a new existing system which belongs to PM3.

System for paper guiding across the machine

Rope threading

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