Varaoke International Oy

A register description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)

1. Register holder
Varaoke International Oy
Business ID: 0925191-4
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112
Tel: +358 10 292 2090

2. Contact person in matters relating to the register
Harri Aikio
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112

3. Register name
The marketing and analytics register of Varaoke International Oy

4. The purpose of handling personal data
The purpose of the register is to take care of the customer relationship between the register holder and the customer, as well as marketing and communications. The management of the register and the handling of the data can be outsourced to the co-operative partner of the register holder, who has committed to complying with this register description.

5. The data content of the register
The register may contain the following information about the customer:
– Name
– Telephone number
– Address
– E-mail address
– The name and business ID of the organisation
– Contact log

6. Data sources in compliance with the regulations
The register is compiled from the register holder’s customer information system and the visitor tracking tool on the site, publicly available Internet sources and other public sources, both free and payable ones.

7. Passing on of data in compliance with the regulations
The register holder will not pass on the data to outside parties except for the co-operative partner of the register holder mentioned in point 4, unless actions by the Finnish authorities require it to do so.

8. Transferral of data outside the EU or EEA
As a rule, personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

9. The principles of the protection of the register
Personal data is kept confidential. The data network and equipment of the register holder and its possible data technology partners, where the register is located, are protected with a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

10. Cookies
Cookies may be used on the pages of the register holder to improve the user experience. A cookie is a text file which is saved on the user’s computer when they visit the web page. It contains information and it is used, amongst other things, to develop marketing and the site. Cookies do not establish the identity of the user. The user can delete cookies from use with the browser settings. The register holder does not guarantee that the site will work correctly after cookies have been deleted.

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Coater of Foudrinier – Paper Machine 2900mm

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  • Product ID: VAK10619
  • Name: Coater of Foudrinier - Paper Machine 2900mm
The rest of the scope of the machine is not available. Only coater of this Paper machine is still for sale! Basic information is below. FOUDRINIER - PAPER MACHINE 2900MM Allimand manufacture paper machine type Foudrinier, year 1961, 2900 mm deckle producing writing and printing papers, coated papers, gsm range 40 to 320. Machine is a basement design. Stock pumps are of Scann manufacture.The machine has produced 50 gsm in past years. Speed range 110 to 450 m/min. Production 90 to 160 ton/day. Drive on left side from the flowbox.Machine complete with stock prep, broke system and rewinder.Machine has Measurex 2002: controlling moisture, ash, grammage and colour.Machine DC drive by Schneider is a modern sectional electric drive installed 1990. Dive on left from flowbox. Stock Prep Bale conveyor 4 part horizontal, Black Clawson 14ft pulper, 4200mm diameter, batch operation, Volkes rotor with perforated screen plate all stainless steel and a V. rope drive.Virgin pulp used and fed from horizontal pulp bale conveyors. Pulping cycle time is 15 min. * Broke chest: stainless steel chest with entry agitator. * Pulper dump chest: concrete chest with stainless side agitator. * Three small concrete chests with stainless side entry agitators for stock storage. * Trim refiners consist of an Allimond GR3 conical * Stainless steel chest with a capacity of 60 m3 complete with stainless side entry agitator. * Small stainless chest with top entry agitator for mixing clay. Starch cooker of Amylan manufacture with stainless steel tank. Heated stainless jacketed tank which is fed from the starch cooker. Bran and Lubbe colour kitchen with mixers and colour dosing stations. Computer control on colour. * Edam Sud manufacturer back water fibre recovery by stainless conical tank with fibre settler at base. * Albany micro filter screen for fibre removal on water used for wire sprays. * Concrete machine chest with a stainless side entry agitator. * Machine pressure screen is a Lamort SP 800 with V rope drive. Basket has 0.4mm slots. Starch silo capacity 150 m3, diameter 4.32m, height 14.10m weight when full 120,000 kgs, pressure at outlet 1 kn/m. Cellier L.D cleaning system with four stages. primary cleaners, stainless steel with ceramic liners, second and third stage with a total of two banks of 28 Celleco cleaners each, with polyethylene cones and final stage two Cellier cleaners with fibre savers fitted. Fibre recovery Edam/SUD for white water fibre recovery with stainless conical tank and base fibre collector.Micro filter by Albany in stainless. Wire section 1991 manufacture wire section rebuilt with headbox profile control.Wire 15 mtr centres from breast roll to suction couch. Overhead twin rail crane with twin lifting units and max capacity 4000 kgs. Allimond pressure flowbox, multi branch manifold, projection slice, edge deckles, two evenor rolls, internal shower, box stainless lined, edge construction stainless and front and rear of flowbox fabricated steel, 22 slice micro control adjuster’s computer controlled.Process control on slice lip. Wire frame is run out design and is stainless clad, two shake motions located at the breast roll and the wire frame, centres between breast roll and suction couch are 15m, centres 3900mm, wire width 3300mm. Forming box stainless with polyethylene top and foils, two foil unit’s stainless steel with polyethylene foils, two vacuum assisted foil unit’s stainless steel withpolyethylene foils. Foil widths are 3200mm, table roll, positioned between foil boxes. Stainless vacuum box. Dandy couch roll on A/F bearings, cantilevered design and rubber covered.Sheet transfer by blow box in the suction couch. The face width overall is 6155mm, cantilever system on the side, drilled width is 3200mm, face width 3630mm and diameter 810mm with cover. Soleplate centres are 4100mm. Press sections year 1961 First press suction press with pneumatic loading, rolls on A/F bearings, auto felt guide and auto felt tensioning. Rope feed to second press. Max load 35kg/nm.Through type roll diameters 650 and 560mm, nip pressure 35Kn/m. Second press plain press with pneumatic loading, A/F bearings, auto edge guide and auto felt tensioning. Rope feed to third press. Rolls 555 and 560 mm diameter. Bottom roll is grooved. Maximum load 60kg/nm. Third press top Kuster roll, pneumatic loading, A/F bearings, auto edge guide. Rope feed to the marking press. Rolls are 440 and 600mm diameter. Maximum load is 100kg/nm. Marking press section with twin set of rolls on one central frame. The press has pneumatic loading. Rolls are on A/F bearings. Rope feed to dryer section. Rolls are marking rolls with embossed finish. Diameters are 500 and 550mm. Pre drying section The dryers are with 6 dryer groups and totally 26 drying cylinders. 1250mm diameter, 3 bar steam pressure, with stationary siphons, cascade drying sysem, drying bearings A/F with central lub stations on rear side and manual lubrication on front side. Felt rolls with manual greasing. Oscillating doctors in the first section. Pocket blow rolls. Madelleine auto guides and electric felt stretchers. Hood totally enclosed. Curtains on the front side. Brunschweiler hood year 1991, sheathen rope system. The drying section of 1996 manufacture has six sections in the pre dryers. The bearings on the cylinders and the felt rolls are A/F bearings, cylinder ends are bolted, all felt rolls are manually greased, the front dryer bearings have manual oil feed and the rear dryer bearings are on a central recirculation oil feed system. The dryers sections in total have enclosed gearing and each section has the firsttwo dryers driven from the sectional electric drive with the remaining cylinders felt driven. The cylinders have stationary syphons and the rotary joints are Johnston. Dryer working pressure is maximum 3 bars (43.5psi). Machine has a totally enclosed hood by Brunnschweiler of 1991 manufacture. Cascade steam system. Pre dryer section comprises of a total of 16 drying cylinders, 1250mm diameter, face 3200mm, face with rope rings 3330mm and the first dryers are doctored.Auto felt guides are of Heuber manufacture and felt tension is set manually. Measurex scanner 2002 for basis weight and moisture. Coater/Size film press Twin HSM BTG coater, year 1998, stainless steel frame, rolls on A/F bearings, pneumatic operation. Rope feed to the second dryer section. Applying a maximum of 25gsm coating. Design speed 1000m/min. Suitable for size application. Kreiger infra red gas fired dyers with stainless frames. After dryers First cylinder in the section is Teflon coated. There are ten cylinders in the second section.Specification as the first dryer section. This section has a single drive from the sectional electric drive. Measurex 2002 scanner controlling moisture, gsm, ash, profile and colour on both sides of the sheet. Calendar Allimond mat on line tandem soft nip calendar, year 2001, with two heated rolls,each side of the calendar with one plain roll and two Kuster rolls, heating unit in basement for heating rolls. A/F bearings and pneumatic loading on the rolls. Rope feed to the reel up. Auto rope tensioning for tail feed up which has pneumatic cylinder loading at each side of the scanner frame.Roll heating unit located in the basement with hydraulic power pack for rolls. * Hole detector * QCS scanner Measurex 2002 for measuring moisture, basis weight, ash, profile and colour on both sides of the sheet. * XZ Tape transfer system for reel changes. Allimond horizontal reel up year 2001 with tambour storage above reel up, reel shell capacity five reel shells, reel turn up pneumatic loading, reel arrester whenreel shell in use, roll diameter 1500mm, centres 3900mm, drum 3400mm face. Hydraulic operation with power pack in machine basement. * Vacuum system in machine basement with a total of six vacuum pumps. * Includes drive panels etc. * Machine drive installed powers available on separate sheet. * Machine spare rolls are available on request. * Clour system Brann an Lubbe with mixers and colour dosing stations. * Starch silo 150mtr/3 capacity. 4.32m diameter and height 14.10mtrs. * Clothing spare and rolls spare. Overhead twin rail crane for reel removal and transfer to rewinder Maximum lifting capacity 9400kgs. Revinder Ahlstrom rewinder, year 1987, model BRP3B,3000mm width , weight 15,000kgs, speed 1500m/min, manufacture number WS 20 5163.Tambour unwind with hydraulic water cooled brakes, roll diameter 1500mm.Auto tension control, 11 slitters with the top slitters motor driven, manual setting on knives.Twin motor drives each 103kw maximum, drives on left side from the unwind, shaftless rewind, roll diameter on rewind 1500mm, reel ejection and lowering table. * Reel stopper then reel onto conveyor with in - line scales. * Sanic baler feeding to broke pulper. Broke system Stainless steel Lamort pulper with Helical rotor, V belt drive. Can be fed sheets manually via flat conveyor and also has the option of a conveyor system with inHC pulper with helical rotor and batch operation. * Mill handle broke 30 to 40t/day. * Tub dimensions approx are diameter 3 mtrs and height internally 2.5 meters. * It is fed by two flat belt conveyors from roll splitter on one conveyor 2mtrs width x 1.5mtrs roll diameter. Finishing equipment Optional Two sheeters: Passaban model KSF/86 LP 1600, year 1988, design width of the machine 1420mm, speed maximum 220 m/min, reel diameter if four reels used 1300mm, core size 120mm, sheet length 400mm to 1600mm, sheet width 400 to 1420mm. 60 to 350gsm, knife load, synchro cutting, three slitters, reel loading by crane into shaftless chucks, auto tension control on the unwind. Overlap section with reject gate, counter and tab insertors. Walkway on right of machine from unwinds.

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