Varaoke International Oy

A register description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)

1. Register holder
Varaoke International Oy
Business ID: 0925191-4
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112
Tel: +358 10 292 2090

2. Contact person in matters relating to the register
Harri Aikio
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112

3. Register name
The marketing and analytics register of Varaoke International Oy

4. The purpose of handling personal data
The purpose of the register is to take care of the customer relationship between the register holder and the customer, as well as marketing and communications. The management of the register and the handling of the data can be outsourced to the co-operative partner of the register holder, who has committed to complying with this register description.

5. The data content of the register
The register may contain the following information about the customer:
– Name
– Telephone number
– Address
– E-mail address
– The name and business ID of the organisation
– Contact log

6. Data sources in compliance with the regulations
The register is compiled from the register holder’s customer information system and the visitor tracking tool on the site, publicly available Internet sources and other public sources, both free and payable ones.

7. Passing on of data in compliance with the regulations
The register holder will not pass on the data to outside parties except for the co-operative partner of the register holder mentioned in point 4, unless actions by the Finnish authorities require it to do so.

8. Transferral of data outside the EU or EEA
As a rule, personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

9. The principles of the protection of the register
Personal data is kept confidential. The data network and equipment of the register holder and its possible data technology partners, where the register is located, are protected with a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

10. Cookies
Cookies may be used on the pages of the register holder to improve the user experience. A cookie is a text file which is saved on the user’s computer when they visit the web page. It contains information and it is used, amongst other things, to develop marketing and the site. Cookies do not establish the identity of the user. The user can delete cookies from use with the browser settings. The register holder does not guarantee that the site will work correctly after cookies have been deleted.

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  • Product ID: VAK11131

Basic info

  • Strecker Bruderhaus number 1938 with two delivery sections (Secondary belts & layboys).
  • Year of origin: 1976
  • Full repairing and modernization in 2007-2008
  • Net width 1450 mm
  • Synchro cross cutting capable for board and paper. Board specially for < 400 gsm and paper of 50 gsm – 240 gsm.
  • Electrical sheet length changing system length 400 -1700 mm.
  • Electric sheet length control +-0,2 mm Constructional speed 250 m/m. Vacuum overlapping section.
  • Reject gate Pallet change
  • Layboy
  • Tab Inserters
  • Slitters Unwind
  • Lead roll system
  • De curling units Electric
  • Side trim system Condition
  • Faulty sheets can be run into reject gate
  • Auto non-stop pallet change system. Continuous
  • running during the pallet change.
  • 2 pcs of new layboys with 4 side joggers and back board. Sinking hydraulic layboy with capacitive sensor for pallet height. .
  • 4 Tab Inserters
  • Three (3) slitters. .
  • Six (6) shaft less Strecker – unwind stands.
  • Air cooled disc breaks with pneumatic adjustments. Reel core 3-6”, reel width 1530 mm, reel dia 1500 mm, reel weight 2000 kg.
  • Complete lead roll system for paper.
  • De curlers for paper, rolling bars, dia of 10 mm
  • Electric system 380 V 50 Hz. PLC Siemens S5 Complete side trim system with shredder, tubes and blower.
  • The line has been dismantled by KSF in excellent condition, packed well and loaded into 4 containers for the very accurate re-erection.
  • Any special overhauling or repairing are not needed.



The entire production line was thoroughly repaired, all defective parts replaced or repaired free from defects. In addition to this was made the next improvements and / or upgrades:

  1. Unwind stands
  2. The new web tension control was built controlled by PLC and smart relays.
  3. Arms of the unwind and roll lifting

Hydraulic units and cylinders were fully repaired and all the O-rings were replaced by new ones.

  1. Corechucks.

The expanding plates were built new ones and fitted for 3 and 6 inches cores.

  1. De Curling units

Four new de curlers were installed of 10 mm diameter being proper for sensitive paper qualities.

  1. Slitters
  2. The shaft of the bottom slitters were renewed (2013)
  3. Main cutter and Cross cutting section
  4. Belt section between cross cutter and in feed press was renewed


  1. Clamps on the knife drums were renewed and coated by felt
  2. Hydraulic cylinders inside the knives drums were renewed
  3. Both Hydraulic feeding heads were renewed.
  4. All electric valves (15 pieces) were changed to new ones)
  5. The new Smith clutch was assembled as well as the main devices for drive for the upper and lower knife drums.

D . Primary belt section and speed control after the cross knives

  1. The belts have been changed to new ones.
  2. The short additional belt section was added between the cross cutting and the primary belt sections in order to take the sheets better into the primary belts from the cross cutter.

E . Overlapping section

  1. The new nep rolls (4) were assembled.
  2. Stop rollers were changed to new ones with the drive acc. to the speed of the bottom belts.
  3. Bottom and top belts were change to new ones

F . Secondary belt section

  1. The belts were change to new ones
  2. The sharing gate: in front of the gate the finger lamellas were added in order to

direct the sheets better into the gate. This prevent the jams during the pallet change.

  1. Delivery section (Lower one)


  1. The brand 2 pieces of new layboy was built including frame, side plates, new fibrators and back board.
  2. The nep rolls (4) were changed to new ones
  3. The top belts were added over for the delivery section 4. Tab inserters (2) changed to new ones
  4. Delivery section (Upper one)
  5. The brand new layboy was built including frame, side plates, new fibrators and back board.
  6. The nep rolls (4) were changed to new ones
  7. The top belts were added over for the delivery section 4. Tab inserters (2) changed to new ones
  8. Pallet non-stop change
  9. The PLC-program was changed to improve counting and auto pallet change using two separate layboys.

Accoding to the above improvements and modernization

1) Productivity was increased from 12 tons to > 20 tons/shift (80 gsm paper)

2) The cutting accuracy was improved to the level of +-0.2 mm

3) Stacking quality was improved being now +-0.2 mm

4) Run ability of the cutter was improved basing much on the automation built through the PLC.

In 2017 the PLC was upgraded to S71200 system, the brake control was upgraded also with IP converters connected to the PLC.

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