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1. Register holder
Varaoke International Oy
Business ID: 0925191-4
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112
Tel: +358 10 292 2090

2. Contact person in matters relating to the register
Harri Aikio
Kullervonkatu 20 B 112

3. Register name
The marketing and analytics register of Varaoke International Oy

4. The purpose of handling personal data
The purpose of the register is to take care of the customer relationship between the register holder and the customer, as well as marketing and communications. The management of the register and the handling of the data can be outsourced to the co-operative partner of the register holder, who has committed to complying with this register description.

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The register may contain the following information about the customer:
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– Contact log

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The register is compiled from the register holder’s customer information system and the visitor tracking tool on the site, publicly available Internet sources and other public sources, both free and payable ones.

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The register holder will not pass on the data to outside parties except for the co-operative partner of the register holder mentioned in point 4, unless actions by the Finnish authorities require it to do so.

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As a rule, personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

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Personal data is kept confidential. The data network and equipment of the register holder and its possible data technology partners, where the register is located, are protected with a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

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COMPETELE PAPER MILL: PM 2300mm, 20.000 tpy, 75-500 gsm + PM 3300mm, 16.000 tpy, 35-150gsm

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  • Product ID: VAK10496
  • Name: COMPETELE PAPER MILL: PM 2300mm, 20.000 tpy, 75-500 gsm + PM 3300mm, 16.000 tpy, 35-150gsm

Fourdriner - built 1956 ER-WE-PA manufacture.
Capacity 20,000 t/year, 75gsm to 500gsm, left side drive from flowbox, basement machine, speed 240 m/min, working width 2300mm., production 2 to 3 t/hr.
Consistency control by BTG.

Two Sprout Bauer disc model SW R26” H DD operating in series, motors 340kw, 740 rpm and 3300 volts.

Position for an E2K deflaker which is currently in storage at the mill.

Pressure screen
Beloit model 14B in stainless with perforated basket with 1.6mm holes.

LD cleaners

Noss 4 stage Noss Radiclone (150-20-4-1)

Fan pump on variable speed drive.

Kennwort “Munkedal” V, multi branch manifold, manual adjustment of slice, operating pressure and vacuum, two holey rolls with an internal shower, year 1964 rebuild 1988, multi branch manifold.
Flow: 7000 - 18000 l/min with laser measurement of water speed.

Wire Section

Uddevalla mekaniska verkstad, centres from breast roll to suction couch is 14 m, sheet transfer at couch by blow box in the couch, year 1988, cantilever type, breast roll on floating bearings with shake motion, thune auto guide and manual guide, pneumatic wire tensioner, wire length 25.65 m and wire width 2.72 m, stainless foil boxes with PE foils, suction couch on A/F bearings, steam shower available prior to couch, supports still on machine and steam box currently removed from the machine.

Top Wire
Kufferath – Akumat 2700 design 2, wire length 9.38 m and width 2.76 m.

Press Section
ER-WE-PA presses with 3 nips, hydraulic loading, last press being a reverse type, rope feed, A/F bearings, moisture prior to presses 18 to 20% and after presses 35 to 40%, third press with Thune auto guide.

Drying sections
Pre Dryer section: ER-WE-PA
The pre dryer section consists of 5 groups, , in last dryersection are two new cylinders. A/F bearings, auto lube system, sheathen rope feed, internal rotating steam syphons, open gear drive, thune auto guides, full enclosed hood with lifting front, steam on cascade system, thermo compressor, manual felt stretchers, felt rolls on a/f bearings.
24 cylinders: diameter 1500mm x 2700 mm (in addition there are 2 felt dryers with diameter 1250 mm), soleplate centres 3050mm. All groups are double felted, operating pressure 3.2 bars with cylinder ends bolted with sheathen rope rings.
Moisture meter manufacture Valmet Paper IQ prior to size press.

Size press
1nclined model, rope feed, McLean & Gibson, rebuild 1996, rolls on A/F bearings, pneumatic loading, size screen with tanks and recirculation system.

After Dryer Section
1 group with eight cylinders, their design similar to the pre dryer groups. Pressure operated on last dryer section is 0.5 bar.
Cylinders tested to same pressure as first section. In the last section are two new cylinders.
Grubbens dry end pulper stainless steel with side entry rotor.
Pulper tub open at base to enable feeding loose sheets.
From the after dryer section through scanner and to reel up, an air blow tail feed system is fitted.

Kuster 2 roll with S-vals, A/F bearings, hydraulic loading from base, two electric surface heaters to heat roll ends, camber roll prior to calender.

In line Gurley porosity meter and brightness meter.

Metso/Valmet Paper IQ measuring moisture, gsm, and profile.

Pope Reel
ER-WE-PA, with camber roll, tape auto reel change-over and pneumatic operation. Finished roll diameter 1500mm.

Vacuum System: Nash 2002 Vacuum pumps -------.

Line shaft drive on machine floor, main drive motor 132kw, 1500 rpm and 400v. Drive to upper level by flat belt.

Jagenberg 43-15 rewinder, number 3020666, model 43-15, 40-470 gsm, shaft unwind and shaftless rewind, reel lowering table, maximum speed 1000 m/min, maximum finished roll diameter 1500 mm, working width 2400 mm, single motor drive 145 kw, tail tape feed, 14 slitters (all pneumatic operation), electric breaking/generator motor 132 kw, single band brake.

Machine house has one overhead crane one wet end and other dry end.

In machine house dry end is a stainless pulper, V belt drive, capacity approximately 6 m³. Pulper was used for wet strength papers.

Section II PAPERMACHINE PM4 ER-WE-PA MG machine, built 1961, production 2 to 2.5 t/hr, capacity 16,000 t/y, basis weight range 35gsm to 150 gsm, speed 350 m/min, working width 3300mm, drive on right hand side looking from flowbox, basement machine, producing bag, envelope and wrapping papers.

Back water thickener: drum type, C.I. vat and stainless roll with a monofilament cover.

Berg LD cleaners, first stage RB290 four off, one RB300 with reject regulator and third stage Noss cleaner.

Pressure screen
Beloit model 14B with baskets 1.6mm holes. V belt drive.

Fan pump on variable speed drive

Machine chests are concrete with side entry agitators.

2 Sprout Bauer SW R26” H DD refiners, motors 340 kw, operating in series mode.

KMV ES2-C22 1, year 1961, auto slice control by Honeywell computer, thermo control on adjuster on the slice, all parts of slice control stainless, laser water speed detector, flow 10,000 – 30,000 l/m, with two evenor rolls and one internal shower.

Wire Section
ER-WE-PA manufacture, year1961, stainless steel wire frame, stainless foils and suction boxes with PE tops, shake motion, soleplate centres 4100mm, wire length 23.96 m, wire width 4.05 m.
Wire pit concrete manufacture. Suction couch: stainless shell on A/F bearings, rebuilt internals 1999, centres from breast roll to suction couch 13 m, with Thune auto wire guide. Wire has two wire tensioners, one pneumatic. Tail transfer by air blow box in couch.
MG hood, steam – heated, manufactured 1959, operating at 8 bar.

Press Section
ER-WE-PA press 1 nip
ER-WE-PA Yankee press 2 nip.
Loading hydraulic, all rolls on A/F bearings, central lubrication, recent felt sprayer cleaner for top felt.

Dryer section
ER-WE-PA Yankee cylinder: face 3850 mm, diameter 5000 mm, shell thickness 62 mm, pressure 4 bar, cylinder has never been ground from new, IR-dryer full width and two IR edge dryers, sheathen rope feed.

Basement pulper stainless steel Grubbens manufacture at dry end.

QCS Honeywell Measurex with lip control. Scanner controlling profile, moisture----
Hole and spot detector.

Pope Reel
ER-WE-PA. Horizontal operation for 1650 mm diameter rolls.

Vacuum System: Nash 2002 vacuum pumps.

MG has a sectional electric drive and the rest of sections have lineshaft drive. Main 200kw motor is in the basement. Flat belt drive to the lineshaft.

Beloit BELWIND BRP 3/B, year 1989, 30gsm - 150 gsm, 17 slitters, manual setting, working width 3550 mm, maximum roll diameter 1500 mm, maximum unwind dimeter 1650 mm, lateral movement on unwind, drum water cooled with four sets of pneumatic brakes, maximum speed 1500 m/min, all pneumatic operation with the exception of the shaftless rewind which is of hydraulic operation, twin motor drive each ABB DC 87 kw, auto tape tail feed, reel ejector and lowering table.
Core link core cutter auto control and setting.
Section III

Conveyer 1: BOA 1500 H PB 6000, 1500mm width,
Conveyer 2: BOA 1500 HS 32” KTH 2000 x 6500.
Year 1995
Shredder: BOA ALLIGATOR 750-120.
75 KW, year 1995, production 3 t/hr of shredded cartons.
Transfer fan: BOA MTVD 120 A.
45 KW, year 1995.

Automatic Baling Machine
BOA 80.1 LB, year 1995.

Slat Conveyer with Weighting System
B+G-FØRDERTECHNIK PLB 1500 X 16875, year 1991.

HC-Pulper: Escher Wyess ST-7-CW
Stainless steel, operating cycle 35 min. above the pulper is a hot water tank volume 5000 litres and this is added twice to each pulper batch. The load is 1800 kg of pulp/plastic and this on average will contain 1200 kg of fibre. The pulper has HC rotor, 315 KW, year 1991. Drive by SEW compact MC2RVSF09 gear.

Below the pulper is an Esher Wyess Fiberiser in stainless steel, model FE/1 complete with swing door and motor.

Collecting tank: Beltec Belamix BM 30-1S-2S
Volume 30 m³, length 6000 mm, width 3500 mm, height 1600 mm, 2 mixing spirals and 1 transport spiral, year1994. In the tank, stock is diluted to 5% consistency.

Sizing and Dewatering Drum: Kufferath Aktrom 160-2
Diameter of cylinder 1600 mm, stainless steel construction, length of cylinder 4290 mm, sieve plate perforation 8 mm. Stock going to a stainless steel chest capacity 100 m³ at a consistency of 2%.

HD-Cleaner: Escher Wyess D1C-S
Year 1991. Sight glass for setting elutriation water and in reject chamber, pneumatic timed reject valves. Setting to discharge at 5 min intervals.

Year 1991, 90 KW, slot 0.18 mm, stainless steel body, v belt drive. Rejects to one Ahlstrom Moduscreen of stainless steel construction and two further units in store fully rebuilt.

Pressure screen 2: AHLSTRØM MODELL 200

Slot 0.18 mm, 37 KW, year 1969.

Rejectsorter: ESCHER WYSS RS 2 B
Year 1991.

Centricleaner1: CELLECO CLEANPAC 350

Centricleaner2: CELLECO CLEANPAC 350

Centricleaner3: CELLECO FIBERMIZER TYPE: 2/1.

Disc Filter: HEDEMORA VDF 3,6.10
Disc model using 8 discs, outlet 8% consistency, stainless steel manufacture.

Screw Press: SUDOR 50
Stainless steel construction, production 50 t/day.

Disperser: FROTAPULPER H1000B
FROTAPULPER electric motor. Siemens 500 KW with Simatec frequency drive.
The mill has a spare 1000kw motor suitable for the dispersor and with the additional supply of a second screw press , the capacity could be significantly increased.

Screw Press: KUFFERATH AKUPRESS A 500/1-15
15 KW, year 1994, stainless steel manufacture, pneumatic loading on outlet.
Section IV

LC-PULPER JYLHAVAARA JP 31 A, 24 M3, 6 t/h, 132 KW
Transport conveyer with hydraulic tilter.
Pulper consistency is 3.5%, production 6 t/hr, stainless tub, flat rotor and screen plate with approximately 25mm holes, V belt drive, handling virgin pulp bales. LC-
Feed from inclined conveyor, the conveyor has an air assisted lift table on side of the conveyor and chain conveyor for pulp bales.
In corner of the building is a roll splitter 1500mm width x 1500mm diameter.

The line has a Mertrans roll splitter with lift bucket and two conveyors. This feeds to a stainless Grubbens pulper volume 12 m³. In line is an additional roll splitter with no loading.

At external wet end of the mill are 4 X 400 m3 tanks. On the right is a concrete chest for RC-fiber, volume 500 m³, the tank second from right is a former back water tank volume 115 m³ (no longer in use). The next two tanks to the left are for long fibre and the remaining tank is for short fibre.ALL WITH Ahlstrom SLG 80.15 agitators.
Two clay storage tanks with top mixers, volume 10 m³.

Installed Hurum 1986.

Rolls infeed from side and forward conveyors, roll pushers and brakes, paper wrap with 6 roll station, Nordson gluing unit, optical and manual bar code readers, roll end station for different roll diameters, paper roll widths 240mm to 2500mm and diameters 350mm to 1500mm, maximum roll weight 3000 kgs, output at present one roll per min. Unit installed in raised position to allow underfloor maintenance.

Persona baler with feed hopper used on the rewinder in former years, auto tying and with a recent hydraulic rebuild.
Persona top loaded baler for loose sheets.

Polar guillotine model ED92, width 920mm, air float table and light guarding and power back fence. Year 2000

Giovanni Madelli width 720mm no guard.

Carint Carraro 4 colour 1995 manufacture width 700mm
Carint Carraro 4 colour 1990 manufacture width 700mm
B.M.V 4 colour width 600mm
B.M.V 4 colour width 700mm
B.M.V 4 colour width1000mm


B.M.V rewinder width 700mm
B.M.V rewinder width 750mm
B.M.V rewinder width auto 600mm
B.M.V rewinder width auto 600mm

Machine shop

Sheet guillotine painted green,year 1986,4320kg cut thickness 6.3mm and width 2000mm.
Four electric welding sets and one gas welding sets.
ESAB Aristo 400 wih aristofeed 48
ESAB LAX 280 with MEK 2
Sheet steel roller approx 2 mtrs width
Sheet steel roller approx 1.5 mtrs wide
Flat belt sander Scantool
MAPE grinder for drills and disc sharpening
Mortorized hacksaw MEBA
Twin grinder darl green
Twin grinder light green
Monorail crane 1.5 t
Surface planer TOS Kurim manufacture year 1967
Mobile dust fume collection unit
Wall mounted twin grinder
Maxturn 1860 lathe
Lathe with 7 mtr bed for roll repairs
Vertical drill year 1964
Colchester lathe Mascot 1500
Hydraulic lift table

Hydraulic press blue
High pressure washer
Stainless wash tank for washing with water based solvent

Outside store is a pallet with three used spare screen baskets
Outside store is one screen basket and a spare Nash L9 vacuum pump
Outside are four stainless tanks
In store are four new DC drive motors

Joiners shop
Horizontal saw with bed
Surface planer
Vertical saw bench
Surface planer

Instrument work shop
Vertical drill painted light green
Mono rail crane 1 t.
Bench grinder blue

Engineering store

Full engineering stores with bearings, valves belts etc. All complete and fully itemized. Photos are available on request.

Power distribution NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE
Building with two transformers.

Sheeter Jagenberg Convo 16

Working width 400-1600 mm.
Maximum 600 gsm under knife.
Maximum speed 250 m/min.
Cutting length 450mm -1600 mm.
4 shaftless unwinds with hydraulic reel loading, brakes with auto tension control.
A range of shaftless chucks.
Year 1972, machine number 3061723.
Dead knife cut, belt feed and belt overlap, no reject gate, counter and taber, chain pile layboy for max load 4000 kg.

Compressor 1: ATLAS COPCO ZR110
Year 1996, capacity 18.5 m³ complete with air dryer MD300.
Rebuilt 2004 at 68,000 hrs, current display 107,121 hrs, loaded 78,070 hrs.
Air dryer MD300 W year 1996.

Compressor 2: ATLAS COPCO ZR3 A 1
Year 1996, capacity 18 m³
Air dryer MD300 W year 1996. Run for 60,628 hrs and loaded hours 39,327 hours.

Compressor 3 and 4:
Kaeser SM8 recent manufacture
Kaesser SM6 new


Electric truck Jungheirich 1500 kgs capacity
Eclectic truck Jungheirich 1200 kgs capacity
Volvo grab bucket type truck, model L500 ,weight 9500 kgs, 74 kw and year 1994
Nissan roll truck model V1 05H700, 91kw, year 2001, 9890 kgs weight.
Grass cutting mowerride on model
Tennat 8410 cleaning machine for floors
Tennat 210 cleaning machine for floors requiring repair
Floor cleaner Portecnica model Loin 8000 ME 11
weight carried 1005 kgs.Year 2008
Bucket for truck 2.3 mtrs wide, model T-521 year 2008. Fits Volvo truck.
Salt dispersor for Volvo truck Dalen manufacture
Snow scrapper blade which fits Volvo truck
Rotary brush surface sweeper year 2002 which fits Volvo truck .
Jugheinreich fork truck 700 kgs lift model 600
Electric reel truck Kentruck model BLV 1500 load 1.5 ton
Rell truck hydraulic model BT L 3000 lift 3 ton
Pallet trucks manual operation three off
Electric pallet truck model MIC A140
Electric pallet truck chargers two units
Two chargers Autronic S
Reel lift manual BT L 3000 3 ton
Pallet lift truck manual two o
Pallet lift high lift operated by compressed air
Pallet lift high lift electric operation to 2.9 mtrs height
Pallet high lift 1000 kgs load
Pallet lift Logitrans manufacture 2500 kgs load
Three manual pallet trucks

Two microscopes with transformer for lighting bulbs
Light cabinet for colour whiteness testing
Mettler electric pan balance
L&W thickness tester
Lorenze electric thickness tester
L&W electric burst tester
L&W fold tester
Elphro 2000 brightness tester
Mettler electric pan balance
L&W electric tear tester
L&W sample punch
Alwetron tensile tester
Strip guillotine for sample strips
Oven with red base
Pan balance electric ( grey)
Gurley porosity tester
Nabertherm oven
IR420 Sectroquant
NOVA60 COD cell test
Laboratory pulp disintegrator with top mixer hinged.
Sheet roller stainless steel
Sheet maker stainless steel

1. Bendtsen
2. Elrepho
3. Digital Tear and cutter
4. Bending Tester - does it have a sample cutter?
5. Micrometer
6. Horizontal Tensile Tester
7. Digital Burst Tester
8. Sheet Punch - what size are the samples?
9. Strip Punch (Tensile or double fold)
10. Disintegrator
11. Cobb Ring and Roller
12. COD Reactor and Spectrophotometer
13. Heating Cabinet
14. Friction Gauge
15. Glow Oven (Furnace)
16. pH Meter
17. 2 off Digital Balance 1mg resolution
18. Digital Balance 0.1mg resolution
19. Top Loading Balance
20. Cutting Devices – Templates
- Circular Cutter
- Stiffness Punch
21. 2 Microscopes
22. Refractometer
23. Lightbox


Aluminium sulphate hopper and mixing tank.
Soda plant for mixture of bicarbonate of soda.
Hercules polymer make up unit.
Avebe starch cooker.
One drum filter, stainless vat, drum 3200mm x 1000 mm diameter.
Three storage tanks, fibre glass for glue and potato starch.
Under machine for chest with base mixer
Krofta SPC 12, level control, manual, on support steel work and complete with ADT tube.
Finckh drum thickener with doctor removed, stainless roll and cover, drum 920mm x 2800mm face.

Full photographic database and drawings are available on request.

Machines at present with power and steam.

Full list of all spare rolls is available.

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