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Semi-Chemical Fluting Mill (Paper Machine 4450mm has been sold)

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  • Product ID: VAK10284
  • Name: Semi-Chemical Fluting Mill (Paper Machine 4450mm has been sold)
* High yield, sulphite cooking
* 65% NSSC pulp and 35% recycled fibre
* Stronger than Waste Based Fluting particularly:-
- In high humidity applications
- In heavier duty applications
* Sudbrook Standard SCF is called PRIMAFLUTE 150,000t/year

* Raw Materials
- Waste Paper
- Hardwood
* Pulp Mill
- The only Chemical Pulp Mill in the U.K.
- NSSC Process, continuous Kamyr Digester
* Paper Machine
- Fourdrinier
- Width 4.4m
- Operational Speed max. 630m/min
* 3 HP Boilers, 2 LP Boilers, Steam Turbine 4.3MW

* Woodhandling - Capacity 250,000m³ sob/a,
100m³ sob/h - 120 solid m³/h
* Digester – Capacity 15 BDT/h neutral sulphite pulp
* Waste Old KLS / New KLS - Capacity 10 BDT/h
* Paper Machine 4450mm width -
Capacity 28T/h @ 10% moisture

Woodhandling (Sunds Defibrator / Rauma) 1994

Log intake conveyor :Length 12m, Width 4m, 7.5kw
Unscrambler conveyor :Length 6m, Width 4m, 11kw
Flat belt conveyor :Length 9m, Width 1.2m, 15kw
Wash roll conveyor :Length 4m, Width 1.4m Nº of
rollers 10, 7.5kw x 2
Chipper feed belt conveyor :Length 6m, Width 1.2m, 11kw
Metal Detector
* Oversize metal detector with clip hoist unit
* Chipper feed chute maximum log length 3m
* Chipper Rauma G.S. 12-3300, opening width/height 850/800mm,
speed 250rpm, twin motors, 630kw drive, 6, 2720t/week, running 8hr/day for 7 days
* Chipper discharge pocket screw Length 12m, Thread dia 1200mm, 45kw
* Vertical screw conveyor Length 8m, Thread dia 800mm, 45kw
* Chip screen CSR-400 screen area / deck 16m² ,11kw
* Rechipper belt conveyor
* Accepts screw conveyor Length 10m, Thread dia 800mm, 22kw
* Sawdust screw conveyor Length 5m, Thread dia 400mm, 5.5kw
* Troughed belt conveyor Length 86m, Width dia 800mm, 11kw
* Reclaim screw reclaiming area diameter 25m, 156kw
* Troughed belt return conveyor Length 68m,
Width dia 800mm, 4.5kw
* Dewatering conveyor Length 18m, Width dia 1000mm, 4kw

Chip wash plant
* Sunds Defibrator FT160
* Scrap separator, screw drainer and vibro bin.

Pre-Steamer Bin
* Steam use 4000kgs/hr. with twin screws.

Chip Meter
* 8rpm to 15rpm,

L.P. feeder
* 24rpm

Steaming vessel
* 18 rpm at 1.3bar steam pressure.

* H.P feeder model 130L8 to 10rpm, Hagglunds hydraulic
drive model MA141, load 30-40bar

* H.P.liquor pumps flow 1800 to 2000lpm.,
top circulation pump flow 12,000to 15,000lpm. At 10 to 11 bar pressure and chip chute circulation pump flow 200lpm.
Kaymr continuous digester, size 21895 x 2540, volume 286.132 mtrs/3,
max throughput of 19T of air dry chips in 75% yield. Blow flow 2200 lpm. Working pressure 8.5 to 9bar, steam phase temp 175deg C., liquorphase temp 166deg C. active chemicals sodium sulphite caustic,Na2SO3, average yield is 76%, residual sulphite in the black liquoris 9 to 11%, differential pressure is 40%, back water to bottom400lpm., temp 40deg C., 70% above scrapper and 30% below,digester computer is Foxboro I/A, bottom scrapper with Hagglundshydraulic drive MA141, speed 8 to 10rpm, load 50bar, max load to stall210bar.,blow tank with agitator working at atmospheric pressure,Sprout Waldron rotor drainer 4ft x 12ft. * New base fitted 2000 withDuplex coating and complete base spare. * Two spare HP pumps andone spare LP pump all overhauled ready for use.
* Three Kaymr washers with concrete vats. face ---x diameter---,
Drums are stainless manufacture.

Water treatment
Two Krofta floatation units with stainless cells, one on support steel and
other in building floor mounted. Models are 36 year 1992 and 33 year 1999. Complete with pressure pumps and ADT tubes. Units haveoptical sludge density control.
Primary refiner Sunds RG50, year 1985 motor 2.5 MW, consistency
is 10 to 15% and out is 20 to 25%. One spare refiner not in use andyear is 1958. Plate life 4000 hrs.
Secondary refiners three off Sprout Bauer twin flow, model 48”
operating in series, motors 1.5MW, consistency 5.5%, freenessafter refining 320deg CSF. Number one load is 90KWT/Hrand number two is 80KWT/Hr. Third unit is a spare. Plate life2000 hrs.
Waste Paper Line
Two Black Clawson continuous pulpers, only the 16ft in operation
with 14ft pulper as a spare. C.I sectional tubs with basalt tile lining and stainless base. 16ft pulper is lined stainless. 14ft has stainless base. Volkes rotors, 16ft with gearbox drive via v belt from 380kw motor,rotor 67.2”,hole size 20mm, Scan pump BA250/250-40 with 110kw.motor and 14ft with hanging v belt drive. Both pulpers are with raggers. Waste treatment with BCI Selecta purge, Voith Contaminex, VoithATS 21 with 4mm holes and 168kw motor. ATS 06 with rejects to Voith 1000 vibrating screen. System has three BCI H.D. cleaners whichat present are not used and in operation a BCI Ultra screen model 3 with perf basket 1.8mm holes. BCI reject screen model -----. Blend chest 75/BDT capacity, 1875mtrs/3, at 4%, 55 x 28ft.

Roll slitter, loaded by fork truck, conveyor , width 2500mm x 1500mm
diameter, discharge by conveyor.

Approach flow
Ahlstrom five stage L.D. cleaners, year 1991, two off Jylhavara A JS280 pressure screens, year 1979,
with 1mm slotted baskets, reject screens is a BCI 24PB screen andrejects to a Voith 1000 vibrating screen. * Backwater thickening by Simon Holder drum thickener.
* Vacuum pump sealing water is treated by a micro filter.
* De aeration by Deculator mounted on machine house roof.

Paper Machine paper machine SOLD !

Black Clawson Paper Machine, 1969 manufacture, with various
upgrades, press 1987 by Valmet, flowbox 1988 by Black Clawson,deckle 4450mm, product semi chemical fluting, gsm range 100 to 240,production 18 to 25.8 t/hr., drive on R/H from flowbox. Speed 450 to 650m/min. The machine has a sectional electric drive by ABB and it hasan enclosed gear drive system. Basement machine with three over head cranes in the machine house. The main paper machine drivesare 295 kW.

Production details:

Grade Reel up Speed m/min Gross Troughput Rate t/hr
112 640 19.56
120 600 19.65
127 600 20.8
127 600 20.8
140 590 22.5
150 580 23.7
160 500 21.8
165 530 23.8
175 525 25.1
200 460 25.1
210 450 25.8
220 430 25.8
240 355 23.2

* GSM X m/min X 60 X Gross Deckle (m)= T/hr
Average Gross Deckle 4.55m

Wire part
BCI flowbox, year 1988, air pad pressure operation, one evener roll,
wire width 4950mm, centres 5095mm, consistency 0.8 to 1.4%, manualmicro slice adjusters, taper inlet manifold, flow 44,000 litres/min.,1966 wire frame stainless and is cantilevered, breast roll 5054mm face x812mm diameter, forward drive roll 5054mm x 812mm diameter, Thuneguide, Millspaugh suction couch with A/F bearings 5181mmface x 1028mm diameter, VIB steam shower over wire boxes, Devroniserprofiling steam shower over the suction couch with double doctor, wirelength 39.9mtrs, width 5mtrs, multiform GP 2.5 layer 470 perm,breast rollto couch centres 16,637mm, couch to forward driveroll 1,498.6mm.

Press section
Suction pick up roll st/st. 5105mm x 927mm diam., BCI first press
with max loading kN/m 50 to 65,Roll poly pressure roll. Pneumatic loading and bearings are A/F. feltcleaning shower. Part st/st frame. Second press KMW with rolls 1604mm diameter x 5105mm face blinddrilled two depths. Max. Loading 200 to 300kN/m .The average loading is 280kN/m. Bearings A/F. Felt cleaning shower. Dryers Sections off 4
Total of 55 cylinders Black Clawson manufacture, centres 6200mm,diameter 1500mm, face 5500mm, weight 4.4tons, central lube system,A/F bearings, first section operating at 50psi and remaining cylindersoperating at 105psi. Bolted ends with Johnsson fixed PTX syphons,steam thermal system, fully enclosed hood with lifting doors,fabricated framing. William Kenyon felt stretching system recentinstallation.
ABB model 1190 smart system installed 2003, measuring moisture,
profile and gsm. ABB D.C.S system Master and Advant systems.

Tail feed conveyors through scanner to reel up. I.B.S Auto tape feed
to assist reel changeover.

Drum reel up
Reel up is A Black Clawson horizontal model modified by Sandusky
in 2001, multiple shell storage, shell drive, roll diameter 2mtrs. diameter.

British Winders / Masson Scott U6A

Reel-up supplies :4 sets X 1270mm jumbos @
:16 ton to the winder
Web diameter range, :Unwind 2300mm, :rewind 1500mm diameter.
Maximum Web speed :1500M/min
Operating Web speed :600 > 1500M/min
Maximum Web width :4460mm
Minimum cheese width :150mm
Drum-roll face length :2650mm
Vertical knife stack :No of knives 6
Tension required :1000kg
Maximum reel weight :5ton
* Hydraulic core chucks core ID 102mm
* Pneumatic Rider roll with counter weight
* Web ejector and roll lowering table
* Twin motor drives 150kw - 1140 RPM - DMG 225L
* Regenerative Brake-Drive Motor
195kw - 1350 RPM - DMA 400S 36V
* Trim Handling system NEU chopper fans, separator & transfer fan
* Dust Extraction system POR Ecomec extraction fan, hopper,feeder & Compactor unit. Compresses the dust into blocks
* External dust extraction unit with compression unit.
* External trim fan and blower for rewinder trim.
* Core Link automatic core cutter with dust extraction.
* Sicma roll weighing, labeller printing system with
robot conveyor,print arm , up ender and roll conveyor.

Masson Scott U1A

Maximum Web diameter :1450mm
Minimum Web diameter :100mm
Maximum Web speed :500M/min
Operating Web speed :350M/min
Maximum Web width :2400mm
Minimum Web width :750mm
Drum-roll face length :2650mm
Number of knives :3
Tension required :130kg
Maximum reel weight :2.5ton
Minimum reel weight :500kg
Manual core chucks
* Pneumatic unwind brakes
* J type shaftless unwind
* Fixed shaft bar wind

Vacum Pumps

Suction Transfer :Nash CL 2001
Flat boxes / 1st press :Premier 2200
Suction couch :Nash 6002G
Suction couch :Nash 904P2
Flat boxes / 2nd press :Nash 904P2
Wire flat boxes :Nash 904P1
Wire flat boxes :Nash 904S1
Suction pick-up :Nash 904S1
Suction press roll :Nash 904S1
Spare 904L2

Machine spare rolls. 36 pcs. ( list of rolls available )

Power Plant
* Medium Pressure Water-tube Boilers No 1, 2 and 3.

* Manufacturers, Babcock & Wilcox
* Approximate year of manufacture, 1968
* Number and type of boilers, three FM 325-51
(No3 boiler is opposite hand to No1 & No2)
* Evaporation @ MCR= 27,500kg/hr
* Superheater outlet temperature= 404deg C
* Design pressure= 52bar/g
* Superheater outlet pressure= 47bar/g
* Feed water temperature= 127deg C

Safety valves
* Steam drum= 50mm Hopkinsons fig 706
* Economiser= 50mm Hopkinsons fig 599
* Superheater= 50mm Hopkinsons fig 709

* Two x Peabody Holmes A.P.R 14 duel fuel

Oil Burner
* Atomisation= steam
* Fuel= gas oil
* Capacity per burner= 1,100kg/hr @ MCR

Gas Burner
* Fuel= natural gas
* Capacity per burner= 866kg/hr @ MCR

No 1 boiler
New superheater headers and bank fitted in 1998.Partial re-tube carried out in 2003 (all tubes replaced bar the generatingbank) Last Thorough examination carried out in February 2006.(26 month freq)
No 2 boiler
New superheater headers and bank fitted in 1998.Partial re-tube carried out in 2002 (all tubes replaced bar the generating)Last thorough examination carried out in February 2005. (26 month freq)
No 3 boiler
New superheater headers and bank fitted in 1998.Partial re-tube carried out in 2004 (all tubes replaced bar the generatingbank) Last thorough examination carried out in August 2004.(26 month freq)

Low Pressure Shell Boiler No 4

* Manufacturers, Robey
* Approximate year of manufacture, 1982
* Evaporation @ MCR= 18,182kg/hr
* Final steam temperature= 184deg C
* Final steam pressure= 10.3bar/g
* Feed water temperature= 127deg C

Safety valve
* Hopkinsons type M555016 twin spring

Burners * Two x Hamworthy AWD 20 duel fuel
Oil Burner
* Atomisation= spinning cup
* Fuel= gas oil
* Capacity per burner= 613kg/hr @ MCR

Gas Burner
* Fuel= natural gas
* Capacity per burner= 692m3hr @ MCR

“D” patch repairs carried out to both furnace tubes front and rear.
New section of tube-plate fitted to front right hand side betweenshell and furnace tube in 2001. Last thorough examination carriedout in June 2005. (freq 12 months) GN4 examination due 2006.

Low Pressure Shell Boiler No 6

* Manufacturers, Danks
* Approximate year of manufacture, 1974
* Evaporation @ MCR= 18,182kg/hr
* Final steam temperature= 195deg C
* Final steam pressure= 13.75bar/g
* Feed water temperature= 127deg C

Safety valve
* Hopkinsons fig M556940 twin spring

* Two x Hamworthy AWD 22 duel fuel

Oil Burner
* Atomisation= spinning cup
* Fuel= gas oil
* Capacity per burner= 689kg/hr @ MCR

Gas Burner
* Fuel= natural gas
* Capacity per burner= 778m3hr @ MCR

Rear tube-plate trepanned and 2nd pass re-tube in 2005.Last thorough examination carried out in April 2005. LastGN4 examination in April 2003.
Low Pressure Shell / Water-tube Boiler No 5 (Incinerator)

* Manufacturers, Vincke
* Approximate year of manufacture, 1996
* Evaporation @ MCR= 3,091kg/hr
* Final steam temperature= 195deg C
* Final steam pressure= 13.75bar/g
* Feed water temperature= 127deg C
* Fuel= screened wood dust from wood chipping
* Light up gas burner – 1 x Nu-Way Multiplex MP 60

Complete re-tube in 1998. Withdrawn from service 2002/2003

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